Medical & Mobility Batteries

Battery Depot stocks almost all of the common mobility scooter batteries from the U1 sized 33  amp hour batteries all the way up to the group 31 sized 110 amp hour batteries in both AGM and GEL versions.  We also stock replacement battery chargers for each type of battery power.  For those using mobility scooters having quality batteries supplying power to the motors is critical, and that is why we stock PowerSonic, Barracuda, and Fiamm branded scooter batteries.  These batteries are quality brand names that will provide excellent runtime.

In addition to medical mobility scooter batteries, Battery Depot also stocks many different batteries and battery packs for the medical field.  From rechargeable batteries for ophthalmological lights to primary batteries for diabetes test kits and portable AED units in many cases we can provide a replacement battery for your medical devices.  We have a few suppliers who we use for batteries and packs as well as the ability to build custom packs on site. 

If you have a need for a personal medical device or a professional medical device give us a call or stop by and we will see if we have the replacement battery in stock or if we can get it for you!

FAQ - Medical & Mobility Batteries

I have been told that I can only use the OE battery as a replacement for this device is that true? 
In some cases this may be true for a couple of reasons. Some devices have proprietary battery packs that are generally not available to the aftermarket supply and thus you may have to purchase a replacement from the original manufacturer.  In some other cases there may be parameters in play that prevent users from changing batteries out.  These parameters may include but are not limited to the warranty/guarantee of the equipment, liability due to the type of equipment and its function, and/or regulations requiring certifications to work on or adjust certain types of medical equipment.

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