Marine Batteries

Battery Depot stocks all types of marine batteries.  Typically, marine batteries are broken out into a few categories based on their intended usage: Starting, Deep Cycle, and Dual Purpose.

Starting Batteries

Starting batteries are designed to start engines and then rest essentially.  Inboards or outboards from small 40 horse motors to large diesels the primary and most important job of a starting battery is to start the engine!  We stock starting batteries for all sizes of marine applications from small motors to giant cargo vessels, even 8 volt batteries for 32 volt trawlers!

Deep Cycle Batteries

Deep cycle batteries are designed to be used with electronics, trolling motors, inverters, and other equipment that has a constant amperage draw.  True deep cycle batteries are designed as the name indicates to be discharged by these devices and then recharged by an onboard charger or external charger.  The best example of a deep cycle application is a trolling motor.  The trolling motor runs solely off the deep cycle batteries and pulls them down during usage, and then the batteries are charged back up at the end of the day when a charger is plugged in.

Dual Purpose Batteries

Dual Purpose batteries fall in between the two categories above.  What you have to understand about dual purpose batteries is that much of the name is marketing.  Deep cycle batteries inherently have the ability to crank engines; however, they are not high cranking amp batteries due to their design.  Starting batteries can be cycled; however, they will not last nearly as long in terms of per charge or in terms of years if cycled due to their internal design.  Dual Purpose batteries are typically mid capacity batteries that can function in both lighter starting and lighter deep cycle applications.  A good example would be a smaller horsepower engine boat that also has a depth finder and small live well, but can only fit one battery on board.  The dual purpose battery can fill this need.

Battery Depot stocks high quality marine batteries from some of the top brands in the industry: Barracuda, East Penn, Trojan, Optima, Odyssey, and Northstar.  Whatever your application we have the right battery for you!

FAQ - Marine Batteries

What marine battery do I need for my boat?
We get this question daily. We can help you figure out the best battery or batteries for your boat by having a discussion as to how you use your boat, what sized motor(s) and electrical devices you have, and what type of charging system you have.  By looking at each of these aspects we can determine the best battery option for your specific application!

Do you have onboard chargers or a charger I can hook up when I get home?
Absolutely we do! We stock onboard chargers from Dual Pro, Marinco/Guest, and Noco Genius and also stock external chargers from these and other vendors. From full blown high amp battery chargers to low amp charger/maintainers we have them all in stock and access to much more!

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