Meet Mr. Joe

Many of our customers know Mr. Joe as an affectionate person who loves to help customers with all kinds of tricky problems. As a man of experience, he knows the ins and outs of the electric world. Every day is a different day for Mr. Joe, where he is constantly faced with new problems to solve. It can be anything from rebuilding the battery pack in your favorite power tool to fixing the batteries and cables in your child's toys. At Battery Depot we have a saying: “ If it is an oddball, Mr. Joe's office is over there”, and he will work on your project until he figures it out. Mr. Joe has quite the inventory of tools and batteries to facilitate your custom battery needs!

At Battery Depot, we are lucky to have him and his experience as a resource and that is a feeling shared with most of our customers. As a past history teacher, he will keep you entertained with stories while he's building your custom battery pack. 

So if you ever have a battery problem and there is only one battery that might fit, or you can’t find the battery to replace it with, give Mr. Joe a call and he will do his best to help you!

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