Lithium Ion Batteries

Lithium Batteries!
At Battery Depot, we live by our motto “for all your battery needs”. With that, we are now offering you the next generation of Lithium batteries. Investing in a lithium battery will significantly reduce your weight by as much as 25%, as well as offering nearly 10x the cycle life!

The average deep-cycle lead-acid battery will last for around 200-400 cycles at an 80% depth of discharge, AGM batteries average around 350-500 cycles.Our lithium batteries are built to withstand 5000 cycles! How many years will it take you to use that much power?

Lithium batteries do, however, have a bad rap concerning safety. Every single ReLiON battery that we carry has a built in control board that regulates everything about the battery. If it gets too hot, it will kill the connection. If your charger goes bad and starts pushing 5000 amps into the battery, it kills the connection. Everything about our ReLiON batteries is safe and reliable.

Over its lifespan, the cost per cycle is averaging around $0.25, while a premium AGM battery is averaging $1.05. So investing in a set of lithium batteries will not only increase your battery experience, it will also save you money over time.


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