AGM vs Gel

Gel and AGM have different advantages, and getting the right battery structure will increase your run time as well as your battery life...


First of all, let’s take a look at the difference between a gel and an AGM battery...


An AGM battery (Absorbent Glass Mat) is a dry, maintenance free battery where the acid is absorbed by a fiberglass mat (like a sponge). This process makes the battery completely “spill-proof”.

A Gel battery consists of silica, making it more stable than a regular lead acid.


So when choosing your type of battery, these guidelines may come in handy.


An AGM battery is far superior to a gel battery when it comes to delivering a high burst of amps, making it the better battery type for starting environments. An AGM battery is also easier to maintain when it comes to charging. While a gel battery needs a special gel charger (some chargers have a gel setting) because it needs to be charged at a lower voltage to avoid the gel stiffening.  An AGM battery may be charged with a standard charger. It is also about 10-20% cheaper than a gel battery.

Another aspect to consider is the multiple uses that you may have a need for. If you have one starting battery and two deep cycle batteries in your boat, mixing gel and AGM is not recommended. If you’re doing that, you must ensure that you’re charging your batteries properly by making sure the charger has the proper setting for them. Most users choose for their batteries to be all AGM to simplify this.


A Gel battery is superior to an AGM battery when used in long, slower discharges. Gel batteries might be the optimal choice for a trolling motor or running electronic equipment for a longer period of time. Gel is also better at withstanding external heat, making it more attractive in the warmer areas.


This is merely a guideline when choosing a battery and there are several other aspects that might affect your choice (location, usage and more). At Battery Depot, we will listen to your specific needs and make sure you get the right type of battery for the best price.


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